No more kibble!

Kelsey was adorable. She loved to SMILE! She had bad teeth and bad breath, her eyes had cateracts, and she suffered from constant itchy skin. During her life, Kelsey ate whatever mini kibble had the best advertising, but after 2 surgeries for bladder stones we changed her to Science Diet CD and she got fat. In September 2008 Kelsey suddenly began having violent seizures. Her decline was so fast, we put Kelsey to sleep less than two weeks later on her 13th birthday. The vet told us that Kelsey suffered from many maladies that probably stemmed from eating processed dog kibble. If I had only known that changing her diet could have changed her life!

Welcome to our new yorkie Juliet! Welcome Raw Meaty Bones Diet!
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feeding Choices

     Some of the many diets I read about were: Raw Meaty Bones, Bones And Raw Food (BARF), Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF), homemade cooked dog meals, raw vegetables with cooked chicken and rice, and a variety of other feeding beliefs. Each diet I read about was written by dog owners that were completely sold on their programs, which made sorting through their persuasive verbage pretty intimidating. Some were created as a response to the deaths from prepared kibbles, others were created because of health problems, and still others were developed by the "crunchy-granola" - those that run  through organic fields on bare-feet, sporting tie-dyed tee shirts. You get the picture.

     I did some soul searching and decided to follow my heart. My mother told me when I was a new mother that I should do what I feel is right. All the good advice on earth may not suit you and your baby. I applied this to my pet, and I did what I felt was best for my convenience and financial situation, and most importantly, best for my dog's health.

 My choice was Raw Meaty Bones.

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