No more kibble!

Kelsey was adorable. She loved to SMILE! She had bad teeth and bad breath, her eyes had cateracts, and she suffered from constant itchy skin. During her life, Kelsey ate whatever mini kibble had the best advertising, but after 2 surgeries for bladder stones we changed her to Science Diet CD and she got fat. In September 2008 Kelsey suddenly began having violent seizures. Her decline was so fast, we put Kelsey to sleep less than two weeks later on her 13th birthday. The vet told us that Kelsey suffered from many maladies that probably stemmed from eating processed dog kibble. If I had only known that changing her diet could have changed her life!

Welcome to our new yorkie Juliet! Welcome Raw Meaty Bones Diet!
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mom Lady Broke Her Rule - Juliet Eats Kibble

After an afternoon of cutting, weighing, and bagging, hurt my arthritic hands. This couldn't be good for my artificial finger joints, plus my hands and wrists would be painfully stiff and swollen for days, both damaged from the ravages of rheumatoid arthritis. My doctor told me to stop. This came on the same day that my friend Carrie, author of the popular website, All Things Dog Blog, started a series on her own search for a healthy organic dog food for her pets.

I read, investigated, wondered. Juliet's frozen stash of food was dwindling when sweet Carrie offered a drawing for a bag of Castor & Pollux's Organix, her personal choice of pet food for her dogs. Because it was on sale, and because my sister said puppy food was better for highly active dogs like mine (and hers), I bought a bag of the UltraMix Puppy. Juliet loves the food and thinks it's a huge treat to get crunchy food, turning her nose up on raw chicken now. She doesn't, however, like the dried banana chips and peas in the food and picks them out, leaving them on the floor around her bowl. A bag of food lasts forever for a four pound dog that eats only a half cup a day, and once we finish the UltraMix, we will give the Organix a try. I wonder if it has the same dried fruits and veggies in it?