No more kibble!

Kelsey was adorable. She loved to SMILE! She had bad teeth and bad breath, her eyes had cateracts, and she suffered from constant itchy skin. During her life, Kelsey ate whatever mini kibble had the best advertising, but after 2 surgeries for bladder stones we changed her to Science Diet CD and she got fat. In September 2008 Kelsey suddenly began having violent seizures. Her decline was so fast, we put Kelsey to sleep less than two weeks later on her 13th birthday. The vet told us that Kelsey suffered from many maladies that probably stemmed from eating processed dog kibble. If I had only known that changing her diet could have changed her life!

Welcome to our new yorkie Juliet! Welcome Raw Meaty Bones Diet!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snack Attack

Juliet thinks "real" dog food is such a huge treat!  I bought a bag of organic kibble and pour about a quarter-cup into her treat cube every three or four days for a busy game.  Juliet pushes the cube around with her nose and paws, encouraging the crunchy tidbits to fall from the single hole with great gusto! 

A slice of raw beef bone from the butcher is a yummy snack too, and the marrow is first to go. Juliet will carry that hollow bone around for days, tossing it in the air in her playful throwing game.  She is a good "only child", making her own fun.

I keep small chunks of chicken liver in the freezer, frozen on a sheet of waxed paper, then sealed in a plastic tub.  My dog likes them frozen, her favorite popsicle!  Maybe I should save the hollow bones and re-fill them!