No more kibble!

Kelsey was adorable. She loved to SMILE! She had bad teeth and bad breath, her eyes had cateracts, and she suffered from constant itchy skin. During her life, Kelsey ate whatever mini kibble had the best advertising, but after 2 surgeries for bladder stones we changed her to Science Diet CD and she got fat. In September 2008 Kelsey suddenly began having violent seizures. Her decline was so fast, we put Kelsey to sleep less than two weeks later on her 13th birthday. The vet told us that Kelsey suffered from many maladies that probably stemmed from eating processed dog kibble. If I had only known that changing her diet could have changed her life!

Welcome to our new yorkie Juliet! Welcome Raw Meaty Bones Diet!
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Monday, January 18, 2010

I Adore The Boy Next Door

My dog enjoys playing with our next door neighbor's little puppy, Tebow.  He is a ShihTzu, a fluffy white sweetie, not much bigger than 4.5 pound Juliet.  I guess under all that fur, he's probably 7-8 pounds and still growing.  Tebow has learned to be gentle with my little yorkie, or she'll hide between my feet.  Juliet is the fastest little runner and she loves to run and chase and be chased.  They play until both are laying on the driveway gasping for breath.   Tebow is Juliet's only friend, and when we open the door, Juliet is off like lightening, headed straight to Tebow's door to see if he can play.  It's become a problem and so we have to keep Juliet on a leash if we don't want to have to go get her, as she won't come home when we call when she's on a Tebow mission.

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